Information about United World Company

Information about United World Company

Information about United World Turkey

Information about United World Turkey :

  • First of all, we are professional company specialized in real estate marketing in Turkish republic.
  • We have professional staff members holding advanced degree, in the field of marketing and business investment.
  • The company has big and vast experience in the Turkish real estate marketing.
  • its proved potentials in the real estate management.
  • Seeking always the customer’s optimal satisfaction.
  • The united world co. has exclusive marketing agreements with several well-known construction companies.
  • And agriculture new innovation company BG Global.

Consequently, United World is officially registered in turkey (commercial registration No.89693).

And we are member in the chamber of commerce and industry of Antalya (No.91145).

  • The company has several branches in various international cities:
  • Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Alanya, and Trabzon).
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah).
  • Iraq (Baghdad).
  • Germany (Koln, Stuttgart).
  • Denmark (Odensy).

The specialization of our company exceeds the limits of real estate investment.

As a result we have a formal license to work.


In the fields of tourism, general trade (import and export), agricultural investment, hotel and resort management, residential, consultancy and training, Real Estate and Constructions.

Information about United World Turkey – Activities:

Since, our current website , is the official one in real estate and investments in Turkey.

Furthermore, you can visit our official website, and browse all our activities in different fields:

  • Agricultural investment.
  • Consulting and Training.

Information about United World

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