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Shop for sale in antalya turkey

The area of ​​a shop for sale in Antalya Turkey

  • Modern area in the center of the city.
  • Overlooking the sea and the city directly.
  • The street of the shops considered being one of the best streets in the future.
  • The location is combined between luxuries and nature spots.
  • Government working on building huge medical hospitals, and considered one of the most important investment areas in the city.
  • Currently, this area is very busy in building residential and service projects.
  • The area is witnessing rapid and very noticeable development.

Specification of property in Turkey

First of all, there are 4 shops in this complex, real estate investments in Turkey has different sizes and the following are the specifications:

  • First shop two floors, with a total area of ​​414 square meters, with a large terrace area of ​​306 square meters.
  • The second shop commercial store, with two floors of 375 square meters, with a large terrace area of ​​211 square meters.
  • The third shop two-store with an area of ​​335 square meters, with a terrace of 212 square meters
  • The fourth shop commercial store two floors an area of ​​298 square meters, with a terrace of 135 square meters.
  • All shops are located on the main street, and directly overlooking the city, with the sea and the Turquoise mountain range.

Economic study -The monthly rent for the four stores is at least:

  • 15000 Turkish lira per month.
  • 14000 Turkish lira per month.
  • 12000 Turkish lira per month.
  • 9000 Turkish lira per month.

With an annual increase of 10% of the value of the rent, according to the custom prevailing in Turkey, therefore the return on investment is between 9.5% to 10.5% for the four shops.

An illustration of the return on investment for the fourth shop:

The average rent for the ten years = 14.345 Turkish lira and therefore the rate of return on investment during the ten years = 9.5%.

As the price of the shop = 1.521.000 Turkish lira

Prices displayed in Turkish lira

  1. First shop: 2.315.000 Turkish lira.
  2. Second shop: 1.955.000 Turkish lira.
  3. Third shop: 1.821.000 Turkish liras.
  4. Fourth shop: 1.521.000 Turkish lira.

shop for sale in antalya turkey

Payment method:

60% of the first installment and the rest is spread over two years without interest, knowing that the shops are ready for delivery directly.

Important note:

The demand for rent is very high because the shops are built within a huge residential complex consisting of 10 buildings with a total of approximately 140 apartments in addition to the surrounding residential projects so the area currently needs public services such as cafes, restaurants.

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No. of Rooms Area Prices start at Convert to
shop with terrace 298 400,000 $ 400,000
shop with terrace 335 477,000 $ 477,000
shop with terrace 375 515,000 $ 515,000
shop with terrace 415 609,000 $ 609,000
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